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Become an Affiliate Partner with Towards AI Inc.

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We have received several emails from our visitors asking if we can accept affiliate vendors. Due to the demand, we have created this process.

Please read the following instructions carefully:


Why should I become an affiliate?

You will earn 50% of each sale that you make, based upon the buyer using your link to purchase one of our products. Visit Gumroad affiliates, to learn more about the process.  

How to become an affiliate:

1. Create a Gumroad account before you purchase for your affiliate fee, and please confirm it through email.

2. Check if the location where you are based can accept payments through direct deposit or Paypal.

3. After you have created an account, pay your affiliate fee (a one-time payment) by purchasing (this is not a product, it is a way to collect affiliate, passive income.)

4. Once you have paid your affiliate fee, you will then be added as an affiliate for all of our products available for purchase (please know that it may take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to be added as an affiliate partner)

4. Upon becoming an affiliate, you will receive your individual links to be used to promote our products, which will be sent to the Gumroad email account that you provided (Please check your spam before contacting us if you have not received your links).

5. As an affiliate, you will receive 50% of each sale that you make, provided that your link is used to make the purchase. Otherwise, you will not receive credit for the sale.


DISCLAIMER: Any affiliate that creates an account on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and others) that resembles Towards AI's business pages to promote affiliate links will be removed as affiliate vendors. We can track affiliate links on our end as each link will have a serial attached to it, so please be mindful of where you use them.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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Become an Affiliate Partner with Towards AI Inc.

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